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The very way we travel on the roads is starting to evolve and adapting to change. Over the course of the past decade, we’ve seen a rise of more efficient fuels, hybrid technology and now very clearly a shift toward fully electrified vehicles. It’s not just the mobility landscape that’s changing, consumer trends are too.

Consumers buying habits are evolving at a speed that has very rarely been seen before.

The automotive industry is powerful but is also at a crossroads. Not only is it having to adapt to rapidly changing consumer needs - the modern urbanites seeking brands with a sustainability ethos to buy into - but also punitive and immediate government policies aimed at nullifying pollution from combustion engines.

SuperCharge’s proposition is driven by these needs and trends of both the consumer and the automotive industry, all of which ultimately promote the uptake of electric cars within society. It’s a platform to promote development and inspire generations.

There is another element that has dramatically evolved over the course of the past decade, the shape of the vehicles driven on the roads, and the segment of growth in the car market is quite clearly the crossover/SUV

  1. The SUV (including crossovers/compact SUVs) market grew by 13% to 15.3 million in 2019 - with compact SUVs and crossovers accounting for 13.6% of all car sales (JATO)
  2. There were 7.2 million electric cars on the world’s roads in 2019, compared to 17,000 in 2010

This increase is only accelerating as electric cars and crossovers become more affordable and convenient. Electric mobility is even more important in urban environments with zero emission zones being introduced in cities across all continents.

Versatility is a key aspect of the electric crossovers and compact SUVs, they are perfect for city living, family and work life. The prominence of the shape on the road is proof of developing consumer tastes and it is clear the needs for a spacious and efficient product is quickly being adopted by the mobility industry.

It is this shift which makes SuperCharge a compelling platform for manufacturers, cities and commercial partners. The series will showcase high-performance electric crossover/compact SUV race cars that have similar acceleration 0-100km/h as a Formula 1 car and will be recognisable as versions of the electric road cars which the public can, or will be able to, buy. Racing on specially designed 1km (approx.) urban tracks in cities across the world and demonstrating key innovations such as leading edge battery technologies and charging is what make SuperCharge so relevant to the future of emobility.

Motorsport needs to keep up with societal changes and SuperCharge is well placed to be an intrinsic part of that change.

The SUV (including crossovers/compact SUVs) market grew by 13% to 15.3 million in 2019 - with compact SUVs and crossovers accounting for 13.6% of all car sales.

JATO, Automotive Business Intelligence

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