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When Formula E was launched six years ago, there were many detractors who said it would not last. It is now in its seventh season, with a growing number of new electric racing series coming to the fore.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out why. According to the World Economic Forum nearly half of millennials believe climate change is their top concern. And momentum towards a more sustainable future has accelerated at an unrelenting pace in recent times. Just like the world’s understanding of the damage being wreaked on our planet and overall global temperatures, electric motorsport, and crucially its relevance to modern day living and transport, is on the rise.

Motorsport is hugely relevant for global car manufacturers and acts as a test bed for innovative technology to be trialled and subsequently reflected down the line in their road cars. With electric cars rapidly entering the mainstream over the next 10 years, already heralded by the huge increase in 7.2 million electric cars on the roads in 2019 compared to 17,000 in 2010, now is the time for car manufacturers to showcase their electric credentials to the world.

In addition to the cars themselves, battery technology and charging are also fundamental for manufacturers and public authorities to work on in the future development of EVs. In a very timely manner, SuperCharge offers the ideal platform from which to educate and promote on both sides – showcasing inspiring high-performance electric cars with cutting-edge batteries, plus advanced and ever-evolving charging technology.

Indeed, the charging aspect itself will be a key component at each event. Adding to the overall theatre, teams will be able to adapt the battery technology system, and in turn enhance the underlying battery performance and energy management, the likes of which everyone will be able to actually buy away from the track.

Sharing the same sustainability beliefs as environmentally conscious consumers, the series will “supercharge” the exposure of electric cars to a wide global audience. Positioned to take place in urban areas in and around major international cities, it offers a unique, interactive and immersive platform from which to educate and inspire all ages. The perfect opportunity for the public to witness the power, pace and excitement of electric cars as they transition to the world’s streets.

Electric cars are no longer a vision of the future. They are the future. And SuperCharge is poised to support in every way possible.

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